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Microsoft has just presented interesting news regarding the publication of apps for its latest operating system, Windows 10, and the generation of income through apps, either with our own or any other affiliate program.

New tools in the Microsoft Store affiliate program
As you may know, affiliate programs, publishers can earn revenue for every sale that occurs through our links. With the Microsoft affiliate program we can generate revenue with the promotion of their best-known products and even books, music and of course apps.

The novelty is that the Redmond company has introduced four new tools in your affiliate program. It is a generator of links, a feed of data for companies, another feed that returns the most popular applications of the store and a set of banners to promote the content from the first moment.

More facilities to include ads in apps and other services

The new ads affiliate automatically display ads when there is no available payment applications. New community ads, allows developers to share spaces not used to promote free apps in Exchange for credits which you can use to promote own apps.

In addition, Microsoft also has ads blocks so developers can include them in your applications. These have been updated and you can embed in apps created in C#, C++ and Visual Basic, as well as gain a greater control over the displayed ads.

Alternatively, this year also will be Facebook ads. Facebook App Install Ads — attract new users. On the other hand, with the Facebook Audience Network SDK, you can monetize your application with Facebook ads.

The new Store SDK includes the features of the Microsoft Advertising SDK and added new services such as feedback on apps and a/b testing. There are also new payment options, improvements in promotional codes, new receipts for promotion of applications and much more.

You have it explained step by step  click here.

Earn money with Windows 10 applications is now much easier

Microsoft is one of the technology companies present in homes and offices. Since typical Windows operating systems, office applications, peripherals for computers, mobile phones and even several consoles such as the Xbox, are part of their catalog.
From the Microsoft Store this giant technological other hardware sells its latest as their teams halfway between tablet PC such as Surface Pro 3 and still Surface 2 and their respective accessories, consoles as the Xbox One, your Kinect and Xbox Live service, in addition to their respective games and much.

With regard to the software are Windows systems, still 8.1 (€119) and soon Windows 10, with gift cards to the store Windows, and Office 365 (99 euros), both can be purchased via the Internet at Microsoft stores.

Shipping from the Microsoft Store are free. We will achieve revenue for each of those sales.

Affiliation of the Microsoft Store
With the Microsoft Store affiliate program you can get a Commission in the form of percentage on every purchase your visitors make of this well-known brand products.

We have four platforms that include a program of the MS Store:

Zanox: The Microsoft Store through Zanox affiliate program, can find them to Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Brazil (not for Spain). This is the platform that I recommend. In s case the Commission for any sale is a 2.30%.

SkimLinks: in this case it's a metared of affiliation. With them you can generate links of affiliated automatically, although in this case the commissions are lower. As in the previous case it depends on products that have been sold through your links. It is available for Spain and many others.

Viglink: Like the previous one also it is a metared or automatic affiliate network. Similarly we also have available the online shop of Microsoft for several countries programmes to use with tools always automatic. Available for Spain and many others.

TradeDoubler: In this platform the percentage of Commission CPA or cost per valid sale ranges from 2 to 10%, depending on your level of sales. You can find it on the shelf available only for Spain.

This would be some of your likely sales
It is safe that you not sell many items - or maybe I'm wrong-, however, whenever any sale to occur you will get a very good slice:

With the Surface 3 (799 to 1,549 EUR) you would get a 5%; 39,95 to 77,45 euros for every sale.
With consoles like the Xbox One (from 399.99 euros), your Kinect and Xbox Live service, in addition to their respective games you get another 5%; 20 euros.
Software, upgrades and design + development make it to the 10% Commission, so Xbox games will give you 4 to 6 euros approximately. The Windows will range the 10 euros.

Microsoft affiliate program: how to get income with Windows, Office, Xbox, Surface, and more

Google has officially launched this week Contributor, a new system to generate revenue in web sites. Contributor is Google response to the rise of the blockers of advertisements or "adblockalipsis".

Contributor is financed directly by the visitors you receive. In Exchange for a voluntary payment is less advertising, which not all, as already has been leaked. You win?.

Users choose a level of monthly contribution (2, 5 or 10$ USD) and a part of this income is used to pay you, instead of receiving the money by showing ads. As a result, users who have paid will see fewer ads, but you'll still maintaining revenue.

Some of the features of Contributor

Contributor comes with badges (badges) to insert into your site. You only have to copy a little code and insert it into the side of your blog where you want it to appear. Don't forget to change your Adsense publisher number.
It is also possible to insert House Ads (like the picture above) are more than images that invite to view fewer ads to your users in Exchange for their monthly contribution. You have another more code, ready to copy and paste.
For AdSense users and platforms for the exchange of ads Contributor already works in all the inventory of ads, including via dynamic assignment. For users of DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) must be activated First Look for DFP. If you do not want to use Contributor we can disable it.
Contributor earnings shown in AdSense under the name of 'Contributor' certified third-party networks (Google Certified Ad Network).

Perhaps excessive requirements...?
Although I have not yet tried it doesn't make much sense to do that. My visits from United States are very few, and I also don't use Adsense. Both are requirements but are not the only ones:
At the moment, in order to use Contributor, it is necessary to have a credit card with a billing address in the United States. Other countries will have to wait until it is available or request it via our form.
Logically have that have ads from Adsense for Contributor makes sense in your site. But not only that, single Contributor works when Google interest-based ads are enabled.
You have much more info on the official support. We have already spoken of it in the exprimiblog. You use this system as a visitor or editor?

Google Contributor already is a new official source of revenue for your web site

Would you like to be able to choose which ads are displayed on your blog or web site and pages makes it? If you want to have more precise control and be able to choose, rotate and optimize automatically the banners in the different areas of your blog, what you need is your own ad server to do this and much more.

What is and what is an ad server
Wikipedia defines an ad server or ad server as a set of hardware and software that allows issuing or serving, a set of ads within the advertising spaces of different web sites.

And that is what they are all advertising networks and many platforms of affiliation. With the ad server, as that will install it - very easily-, we can do some interesting things in our blog or websites:

Show ads from ad networks or affiliate platforms.
Show our own campaigns blog, our products or what we want to
With a bit of development; advertisers may employ your advertising directly on our site.
Show welcome or similar messages.
Serve video that can be an ad, a promotion or or want.
A combination of all of the above

How is logical, it is not necessary that ad server is on the same hosting than pages which go to nourish ad. In this tutorial we will install it on a free platform with sufficient capacity for this and much more, everything is in Spanish.

Create an ad for your blog with Revive Adserver Server
Install an ad server is extremely easy thanks to the automatic installer of Hostinger, or any other installer that is available to your favorite hosting service. Revive can be installed in a subdirectory. If you don't have any Hostinger account I recommend you start by it. The account is free of charge, free of ads and will also soon publish several tutorials that make use of this service.

You only have to go to your hosting account and use any of the automatic installers. If you type the name of the application in the box of the installer you can find it faster among others. In this case; 'Adserver revives'.

But first of all what exactly is Revive Adserver?
Revive Adserver, also known as OpenX Source, it is a free and open source ad server. This means that you can use the application for what you want, use it, modify it, get out of using it to raise revenue, including selling the modified code itself.
Used by more than 30,000 publishers in the web in more than 100 countries make it the world most widely used ad server. There are many more, but open source I don't think so.

Begin the installation of our adserver software

Remember that you need an account hosting as Hostinger, which is free of charge. Auto-Installer of Hostinger scripts will save you hours of work installing the app and will do so without any problems and very fast. Attention to the installation configuration so that everything is as you want. If it is something not as you want you don't have rather than return to the installer and remove the installation from the option to the case.

The panel for installation with one click

In Url choose a route to Revive Adsever installation, there is where you will have to log into the control panel of your ad server. I have already said it but I say again; It is not necessary that your blog is in the same domain, you can use one of Blogger and any website to display the ads that there set up.

Once you have entered all data (write down the username and password since there it will avail you nothing stored in the browser) click on install so the Installer do the work for you. Here is more information about how to install scripts and applications at Hostinger.

The installer will let know you once the installation (you can recharge it without fear if you think it is stuck). Access to the administrator address is you will be indicated in the installer and will remain in Hostinger always visible to you.
Now we can start to include ads in our ad server. As I already said; These can be our own, those of platforms or affiliate programs (always recommend Zanox) or anyone else, including Adsense.

The first concepts you should know about an ad server
There are 2 concepts that if you know will work to your ad server in a few minutes:

1 - The banners inside Revive (and the vast majority of advertising platforms) function in a hierarchical system where each banner belongs to a campaign which, in turn, belongs to an advertiser. Advertisers may have multiple campaigns with a banner-only or multiple.

2 - Us, the administrators of the server, we can create as many spaces as you want and assign to each campaign you want. However, will only be displayed for the selected campaign banners that match the dimensions of the space to which they are intended. I.e., in a space of 300 x 300 pixels not can show one of 200 x 200 (at least without modifying the code).
From the control panel you can manage multiple campaigns from different advertisers you earn through affiliation platforms and our own, as well as some automatic networks of third parties (here's a tutorial on how to handle the monitoring of third party networks).
Among the most common options are the of put a date of start and end each marketing year, a maximum of clicks or balance based on the cost per click, thousand impressions or cost of the conversion, using a campaign exclusively or more or less priority.

The characteristics of our ad server
Revive Adserver provides us with all of the above and also their corresponding precise analysis of clicks, visits and conversions, as well as a convenient interface to the server administrator (remember keep the data).

Revive Adserver works not only on web site, also does it on apps and video players. Revive also has a powerful API allowing to use their resources with other applications.

We can define rules to send campaigns and ads, including frequency of capping (times that same user sees an ad or campaign), landing pages (URL targeting) and geolocation of the user (geo-targeting). Also is the ability to follow-up and reports of the performance of the campaigns, including the ratios of clicks on impressions (CTR), conversion rates, benefits, effective cost per thousand (eCPM) and details of the conversions, as the value of the purchase and number of purchased items. And many more features. In addition all the functionality can be extended by modifying the code directly or through the various plugins that exist for this ad server.

Installation of the blocks of ads on your blog
If you have used Adsense or other platforms that serve you a code to embed in your website to, from there, to show the different ad campaigns for advertisers; This is the same. There are different formats of code; JavaScript, XML, HTML, iframe, etc. Use which suits. Each one has its options, as well as the purpose of the code, read carefully all options if you're going to show many ads. To Blogger using the iframe format and copy and paste the code directly into widgets. For use within the entries you must 'parsearlo'.

Some things, until you break you head
At least in Blogger do not work the banners if they are not copied with the iframe code, JavaScript will not. When you copy the code make sure you having any assigned campaign. If it is not, any changes simply click Update and maintain the code on your website. You can upload pictures of any size that revives resize them to the size of the banner that you generate, however you can not show pictures of another size in a space reserved for other size.

Each banner must belong to a campaign and each campaign to an advertiser, this is very basic, but it really is everything you need to know to start to show your own ads in an automatic and efficient manner in your web pages.

If you have problems to see the site well, try disabling ads from your browser or computer lock.
In this tutorial do not explain how to set up our ad server - what is relatively quite simple - next entries possibly see it, along with some ideas and recommendations. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog to be aware.

Link and registration in the preferred free web hosting:
An alternative simpler, less versatile, but not incompatible: Media Containers by Zanox and TradeTracker labels (these networks are also many banners that will serve your campaigns)

How to install and create your own free ad server with which to manage advertising for your blog

AdOnly is an advertising platform based in Viet Nam that allows publishers and advertisers around the world show and earn revenue by advertising on desktop, mobile, monitor and analyze the results.
Although AdOnly is a relatively recent platform (2011), after if a team with experience in online marketing, technology and business development, since they come from a previous platform (GloAdMarket).

Recently AdOnly does not accept free domains .blogspot Blogger or Wordpress.
Adonly network has reached more than one billion impressions per month worldwide. All sites are accepted, but they must meet the conditions of the service. It is a CPM network, but how many more clicks get more improve your income.

AdOnly serves ads dimensions 300 x 250, 728 x 90, 468 x 60, 120 x 600, 160 x 600 and 800 x 440 pixles in formats normal banners, layer, slider, popup and pop-under. Ad formats:
For each page you can use up to 3 codes of banner + 1 central layer of 800 x 440 and a pop up. Obviously you can not encourage clicks or using robots to generate them artificially.
The minimum balance for payment is only $ 10 (before $ 1), which is paid once reached the 7th of the following month. You can request payment via Paypal, Bank transfer, Dèbito (which you can collect in bitcoins) and Payoneer, although for the latter, the minimum is $ 20

CPM or cost per 1000 impressions is not the only method of remuneration of ads, also any click or CPC, actions of the user or CPA and CPV or view. Adonly accepts most of the languages and traffic around the world.

Have you ever tried them? What did you think? Leave a comment for your impressions

AdOnly: Banners, layers, pop ad network and under-pops